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The Redevelopment

About the Royal North Shore Hospital redevelopment

  • Screen shot 2011 02 17 at 7 36 33 AMThe NSW State Government planned a $1 billion upgrade of the Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) to improve and modernise healthcare facilities on the RNSH campus. The redevelopment involved the refurbishment of existing buildings and the construction of new buildings on the RNSH campus.
  • InfraShore Consortium was contracted by NSW Health in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in October 2008 to coordinate the $1 billion upgrade to RNSH.
  • The Acute Services Building was completed and opened in 2012 and now provides acute medical and surgical care to the patients of Northern Sydney Local Health District. With improved hospital infrastructure , the local community has regained confidence in its local hosptal and the number of emergency department presentations continues to increase.
  • The redevelopment is still ongoing with the Clinical Services Building which will house maternity, burns and paediatric services due to open in December 2014. In addition services such as childcare, patient, relative and staff accommodation are still be housed. Subacute hospital beds are still not yet provided for.
  • The RNSH Medical Staff Council (MSC) is supportive of the development of the campus to the benefit for the community. The plan to sell land at the front of the hospital appears  to be a short-sighted plan that fails to cater for the long-term healthcare of NSW residents.

Issues surrounding the RNSH redevelopment plan

Land divestment

  • The State Government is planning to sell approximately 1 hectare of land in order to fund core services such as childcare. WOULD YOU SELL YOUR FRONT LAWN TO FUND HOUSE RENOVATIONS?
  •  Once the land is sold and the planned infrastructure is consolidated, this land will never again be available for use by RNSH and the community.
  • The reduction in RNSH land area will significantly reduce the functional space available for future development and expansion of the hospital to meet the increasing demands of the growing population.
  • RNSH is now the smallest tertiary teaching hospital campus in NSW, why make it smaller.
  • Selling land on which a hospital is erected is unpardonable and will place increased demands and pressure on RNSH and other surrounding hospitals for future generations.
  • The land sell-off should be halted immediately.

Lack of community and hospital staff consultation

  • Despite the Master Executive Working Group being set up following the campaign in 2011, the senior medical staff who comprised that group were unaware of the proposed land sale/divestment.
  • The allied health, nursing staff and patients were not notified of the land sale/divestment at the time that the decision to disseminate expression of interest occurred . Despite nearly 15,000 signatures in 2011 from largely patients and local community, the community has not been consulted.
  • Following the outcry from Medical Staff Council with the recent announcement of land sale, the hospital executive held a forum at the end of September to inform hospital staff of the decisions that have been made and why.