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Nizim Butt

Nizim Butt, 39, Cardiology patient

Rushed to Emergency Department for life-saving operation

Nizim Butt, 39, of Sydney NSW, suddenly experienced intense pain and collapsed during the middle of an accounting exam on November 23, 2010. He was immediately rushed by ambulance to the Emergency Department at Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) for an operation that saved his life. It was his first time as a patient in hospital.

What has been your recent experience with RNSH?

In the middle of an accountancy exam in the city (Sydney) late last year, I suddenly felt intense pain shoot through my body, and I collapsed. I was rushed by ambulance to RNSH and was immediately admitted to the Emergency Department. I had bad test results and my blood pressure was extremely low. I began to experience shortness of breath and then I went into cardiac arrest.

I was rushed to the operating theatre for surgery and the doctors found three blockages in my coronary arteries. One was a 100 per cent blockage – it was life-threatening and had to be removed immediately. The surgery was successful and I was discharged from the hospital after three days.

How did you find the treatment and care at RNSH?

I really admire all of the doctors and nurses at RNSH. The staff at the hospital really made me feel at home during my short stay. In fact, I had more attention at the hospital from the staff than I get at home when I’m sick! I’ve subsequently been to the St George Hospital and my experience there was not as good as RNSH.

When my wife arrived at the hospital she was very worried. She had only been told that I had a heart problem and had been rushed to RNSH for treatment. When she arrived, the staff were wonderful. They carefully explained exactly what had happened to me, and the treatment that I was having. We have a newborn baby, so she had quite a bit of difficulty getting to the hospital. But the assistance she received upon arrival was fantastic. The nursing staff also ensured that she was able to stay with me throughout the rest of the day and overnight too.

What do you think of the redevelopment plans for RNSH?

I think that the upgrade of the hospital is excellent and will provide better services to the surrounding community. However, I also think that the sale of some campus land may have repercussions for the hospital and the service it provides later down the track.