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Mark Ford

Mark Ford, 56, Kidney Transplant Patient

Experienced first class care at RNSH

Mark Ford, 56, of West Pennant Hills NSW, underwent a kidney transplant at Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH). As a patient at the hospital, Mark received the first class care that RNSH is renowned for going beyond what he had experienced in any other hospital before – including private hospitals.

What has been your recent experience with RNSH?

My wife and I were both patients at RNSH at the same time – I needed a kidney transplant and my wife was donating one of hers to me. Every day, for the six weeks leading up to my transplant, I had been in and out of a number of the RNSH clinics.

Then I was in hospital for about six days to have the kidney transplant, and then I had to go back to the hospital for another three days shortly after. Now I return to the hospital every month for general follow up tests on the transplant.

How did you find the treatment and care at RNSH?

It is without doubt, that the care we received at RNSH was first class. While the facilities at the hospital are old, the care is unsurpassed. My wife and I are nothing but complimentary about the time we spent at RNSH, they made a difficult time for us as comfortable as possible. Every staff member was extremely supportive and went out of their way to make sure we were looked after.

The whole medical team worked so hard to ensure that we received the best care available. The staff at RNSH saved my life and for that I cannot thank them enough.

What do you think of the redevelopment plans for RNSH?

While the redevelopment is necessary for the ageing facilities at RNSH, the redevelopment plans as they stands makes no sense at all. Sydney has a continually growing population and this hospital serves a big part of Sydney, as well as regional NSW. There needs to be room for future expansion and the hospital has to have be the capacity to cater for future developments in medicine.

I don’t understand why they can’t retain the extra land throughout the redevelopment. The hospital needs the land to ensure that there is space for future hospital expansion and its associated services.

The staff at RNSH need all the support they can get and the lack of consultation is inappropriate. How can you do anything that affects the hospital, and therefore its staff, without consulting them appropriately? It is not a proper process to pose something on a set of people who are caring for the community.