Opening of the Clinical Services Building – Save RNSH 2014

Dr Richard Piper, Staff Specialist in Intensive Care, RNSH has composed the following video for the opening of RNSH’s Clinical Services Building this Friday, December, 12

“In 2011, NSW Health was planning to divest more than 30 per cent of the RNSH campus. They were about to destroy one of the major teaching hospitals in the country. It was a public health disaster.

“Within two years [of the completion of the new Acute Services building], it had been necessary to construct another building to house these essential patient services. This building, The Clinical Services Building, is to be opened this week by the Minister for Health. It is constructed on land that would have been divested in 2011 had it not been for the community’s protest.

“We do not seem to have learned from this lesson. At the present time, NSW Health is proceeding with divestment of land on the southern part of the RNSH campus. This land is adjacent to land that was divested in the 1990s. The funds generated at this time would only have run the hospital for a few months, but the clinical opportunities that it could’ve provided were lost forever.” Dr Richard Piper.