Biker & long-standing RNSH patient, Ray, joined members of the community & Greens NSW MP, Dr John Kaye, on Friday, December 12, to protest against the proposed land divestment during the official opening of the Clinical Services Building.


Zone 8 - an Expression of Interest was released for this part of the hospital campus

Zone 8 – an Expression of Interest was released for this part of the hospital campus

Zone 8 – an Expression of Interest (EOI) was issued by NSW Government for this part of the hospital campus

See document here –  EOI


“It’s very narrow-minded. They have given no consideration to the future. We’re an ageing, growing population. Why sell land that will be needed in the future to help prevent & manage illness? It’s senseless, and all for the sake of generating a bit of cash now. It shows absolutely no forward-thinking by the government.” – Judith Smythe, Pink Lady volunteer in her 80s.Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 3.44.21 pm

To date, more than 16,000 signatures have been received to #helpsaveRNSHthermo

RNSH senior doctors pass motion of ‘no confidence’ in Local Area Health District Board regarding land divestment – Tues, Dec 23, 2014

Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) senior medical staff have passed a motion of no confidence in the conduct of the North Sydney Local Health District (LHD) Board regarding their handling of the recently announced plan for hospital land divestment.

In an extraordinary meeting of the Medical Staff Council (MSC) to vote on a motion of no confidence in the conduct of the LHD Board over the sale or long-term lease of the hospital’s southern campus, the motion was passed by a large majority of clinicians, late yesterday evening, Monday, December 22.

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10423342_786243604774714_8996783644240658698_nShow your support to #helpsaveRNSH by uploading a picture of yourself with the hashtag #helpsaveRNSH to our Facebook Page or Twitter feed @SaveRNSH & ensure you tag NSW Treasurer, The Hon Andrew James Constance MP @AndrewConstance, & NSW Minister for Health, The Hon Jillian Skinner MP @Jillian Skinner Vote on RNSH Medical Staff Council’s motion of no confidence in

LHD Board – Monday, December 22 at 5.30pm in Kolling Auditorium, RNSH

RNSH Medical Staff Council (MSC) will hold an Extraordinary Meeting on Monday, December 22 commencing 5.30pm in the Kolling Auditorium to vote on a motion of no confidence in the LHD Board recently proposed by clinician representatives of the Master Planning Executive Working Group (MEWG).

Should the motion stand, the MSC will bring it to the attention of the NSW Health Minister.

Please attend the meeting to #helpsaveRNSH and to send a strong, unified message to the NSW Health Minister regarding how the MSC expects Board-related business to be led. Click here to learn why the meeting has been scheduled.


“This is a short-term financial solution for the government but one that has long-term implications for the functionality of the hospital, and the well-being of patients who use it.

It clearly gives no consideration to the current population growth which will soon see the hospital bursting at the seams.”

– Dr Adam Rehak, Chair, RNSH Medical Staff Council (MSC) & anaesthetist, Department of Anaesthesia & Pain Management, RNSHUnknown

Keep the land at the front near the railway station so that patients like David aren’t forced to have to climb this steep hill! #helpsaveRNSHChildcare centre 2

“An area close to the nurses hearts is the childcare centre. RNSH is a hospital that provides an expert service to its staff & is flexible to cope with shift work & emergency situations.


“The concern is that the childcare centre, which is located in Zone 8 could be affected if the land is sold.”

–  Edward Makepeace, Secretary of the NSW Nurses & Midwives Association, RNSH brancUnknown-2

A sale or long-term lease of Zone 8, which houses childcare, would mean this critical service would be built and contracted by a third party provider & not under hospital control. This will mean childcare costs will inflate. What does this mean for kids like Brayden & Amelia? #helpsaveRNSH

“This is Aboriginal land. Always has been, always will be.

“This is also public land; land that was purchased using our tax money, our parents tax money, our grandparents tax money. Land that was purchased for a public purpose, land that was purchased so that everybody could have access to quality health care.”

Dr John Kaye, Greens Member for NSW ParliamentScreen Shot 2014-11-25 at 3.17.12 pm

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