Interview with Mayor of Lane Cove, David Brooks-Horn and Former Mayor of Lane Cove, Scott Bennison – November 13, 2014


Join our social media campaign to #helpsaveRNSH – November 10, 2014

Once again the NSW government is trying to sell off part of the Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) – specifically zone 8 which in particular, houses much-valued subsidised childcare for RNSH staff.

We are lobbying against the sale of this valuable land in order to guarantee the future of RNSH.

We invite you to join our #helpsaveRNSH social media campaign by following these 3 simple steps:

  1. Take a picture of yourself holding up a sign using the hashtag #helpsaveRNSH
  2. Share the picture on your personal social media channels, tagging your friends and family members and urging them to do the same thing
  3. Ensure you tag NSW Treasurer, The Hon Andrew James Constance MP @AndrewConstance, and NSW Minister for Health, The Hon Jillian Skinner MP @Jillian Skinner MP when leveraging your picture on social media to demonstrate that you care about the future of RNSH.

So why are we running this #helpsaveRNSH campaign? In October, 2014, we discovered an “Expression of Interest” (EOI) had been opened to private developers regarding the sale or long-term lease of part of the southern end of the RNSH campus.

This is despite almost 15,000 people petitioning against this move in 2011.

So marched on NSW Parliament and subsequently saved the hospital land for future generations. Now, we’re being forced to get back in the trenches and do it all again.

If the land in question is divested for private or commercial use, we risk the loss of critical services, such as childcare and subsidised accommodation for families and carers.

Most importantly, the hospital’s ability to grow in the future will be severely restricted.

The EOI was issued without hospital staff, patient or local community consultation.

According to Dr Adam Rehak, Chair, RNSH Medical Staff Council (MSC) and anaesthetist, Department of Anaesthestia and Pain Management, RNSH, “This is a short-term financial solution for the government, but one that has long-term implications for the functionality of the hospital, and the well-being of patients who use it.

“It clearly gives no consideration to the current population growth which will soon see the hospital bursting at the seams.”

Please show your support to help save RNSH and ensure your voice is heard, by joining our ‘#helpsaveRNSH’ campaign.

Interview with Dr Anthony Joseph – Nov 10, 2014

“You’ll find that the Lane Cove Council is seeking community input into this development, in this area, yet we’ve got the State Government wanting to sell off an acre of land from the southern campus at Royal North Shore, to put in high rises with no community consultation, it makes you wonder what’s going on in the world really.”

Interview with Harvey Porter, President of the Lane Cove RSL – Nov 10, 2014

“If they sell the land in the medical precinct, they’ll never be able to afford to get it back to build the bigger hospital that they will need in the future.”

The cost of childcare – Edward Makepeace, Secretary NSW Nurses & Midwives Association, RNSH – Nov 10, 2014

The cost of childcare – Edward Makepeace, Secretary NSW Nurses & Midwives Association, RNSH

“The hours are friendly, and staff understand what it’s like working in a hospital. If you don’t show up on the dot of closing time or if there’s an emergency, they’ll stay and look after your kids.

“At a private centre, they’ll bill you if you don’t show up and that’s just not going to work.”