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Land Divestment

The LHD have announced that the Government will not be selling the land on the Southern Campus (1). The land will remain fully owned by the Government. Therefore, this appears to be great news. Carol Pollock and Andrew Montague also stated that there were no plans to sell any other land on the hospital campus and also no penalties imposed as a result of the land not being sold. One rider attached to this announcement is that the government still plan to build a building (that they will pay for) to house the Ministry of Health, Agency for Clinical Innovation, Health Infrastructure, and several other government departments (see attached documents) and importantly it will also include Childcare.  With this decision, the Master Plan Advisory Committee can now get to work in determining how to provide the other remaining support services on the hospital campus that still haven’t got a home.  On behalf of the community, our patients, family and friends I would like to thank everyone who worked so tirelessly and selflessly over many years on this campaign. Well done. We can all get back to doing what we do best and in so doing continue to make Royal North Shore Hospital a great place for health care.

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Zone 8 - an Expression of Interest was released for this part of the hospital campus

The Southern Campus