Why save RNSH?

  • [[Land Divestment]]
  • [[Bed Numbers]]
  • [[Displaced Services]]
  • [[Green Space]]
  • [[Lack of Consultation]]

Land Divestment

The LHD have announced that the Government will not be selling the land on the Southern Campus (1). The land will remain fully owned by the Government. Therefore, this appears to be great news. Carol Pollock and Andrew Montague also stated that there were no plans to sell any other land on the hospital campus and …

Displaced Services

The Southern Campus proposed for sale currently houses RNSH Childcare which is run by the Local Health District. It is proposed that the private operator may house the childcare service. On speaking to the Childcare manager in October 2014, they have not yet been informed of the model of child care proposed. Childcare at RNSH has …

Green Space

Green open space within, and surrounding, the hospital grounds, where the primary focus is healthcare, will be significantly reduced after the divestment of RNSH land. The upgraded hospital will be surrounded by high-rise buildings and most of the planned open space allotment will be shared with a busy, adjacent commercial and residential area and squeezed …

Lack of Consultation

• The draft concept plan proposed in 2006 involved minimal consultation with key stakeholders, specifically doctors, nurses, allied health, other hospital employees and patients, and there was inadequate opportunity for public comment. Consequently, significant flaws in the initial plan have transpired and considerable amendments have been made and are still required. • Despite many revisions …